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Thank-you for Your Responses to the Fall 2016 Survey


In the most recent patron satisfaction survey, conducted in November 2016, patrons were encouraged to comment on customer service, library programs, collections, services, hours and related topics.

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest rating and 1 being the lowest, 96.24% of patrons ranked the staff a 4 or 5 for customer service. 

Our foremost goal at Park Ridge Public Library is to serve the needs of our community. Staff reviewed the 442 individual comments and suggestions.  In addition to many positive comments, our patrons had some questions and concerns.  We value your input in our quest for continuous improvement.  Scroll down to see comments and responses. 


Customer Service

Facility / Hours / Equipment




The DVDs are often scratched.

Staff try to keep an eye on this and clean them or replace them if we notice a problem. So please let us know if there is an issue when you return a DVD so that we can examine it carefully.  

Some children’s DVDs are scratched.

We put special post-it notes in every Children’s DVD, encouraging patrons to write a note when a disc is damaged. Every noted damaged disc is cleaned and checked before going back out on the shelf, discarded or replaced.

The Library doesn’t get the local paper.

We get both the Park Ridge Herald Advocate and the Park Ridge Journal.

I would like to see more electronic services, databases to do research.

We continually watch for new databases and attend networking meetings where we compare and discuss electronic resources with other librarians. We currently have a large selection of databases on a wide range of topics and welcome suggestions of specific databases. 

Some online resources should be available both at home and Library e.g.,

All databases are available at the Library and by remote access, unless not allowed by the vendor. For the very few limited to the Library, you will see the note: Remote Access is not available.

Limited reference books.

Most print reference materials have been replaced with electronic versions, please ask our staff for assistance.

In-person reference collection missing some academic texts.

While we cannot afford to purchase all possible text books that each student might want for classes, we do buy a limited number of textbooks in a variety of topics, especially science. These are intended more for the individual self-learner and we are not able to get every new edition. We are open to recommendations of subject matter for a textbook.

I’m sorry you got rid of the one magazine I did checkout all the time:  Romantic Times.  I miss that magazine.

The magazine industry struggles to be successful and sometimes they stop publishing a title. Unfortunately, the publisher discontinued Romantic Times. We also left a note where the magazine had been explaining this change for several months before removing the sign and the back issues.

I wish there was a larger choice of audio books (non-fiction, downloadable). And more than one periodical in French language.

With the addition of Hoopla, we have substantially increased the number of available audio books. If we do not have what you are looking for, you can complete a Suggest a Purchase form. 

Regarding the periodical, foreign periodicals are very expensive and there is not enough demand or sometimes even available choices. No other library in our consortium (CCS) has a French periodical other than the one we have, which is Paris Match.

Many books and movies I want seem to “bypass” the new books/movies shelves and go directly to the stacks after their initial popular demand period. I go to the Library at least once or twice a month.

Books are moved from the New Book Room and the 14-day-limit to the general collection and a  three-week checkout after six months. This provides space for new titles and keeps the new book collection looking fresh and current.

Half the time my book club books are not available in Park Ridge and 90% of the time the book is at Des Plaines or Niles. I know I can request the copy to be sent to Park Ridge, yet my tax bill is likely 50% greater than a comp in those towns.

We don’t know what titles you haven’t been able to get but we are happy to place items on hold or request an item from another library via Interlibrary loan.  Tax support for public libraries varies for each community.  In Park Ridge, about 3.5 cents of every tax dollar goes to support the library. 

I think collection of eBooks can be larger. In this day and age every book should be offered in digital format too.

Not all titles that are available in print are also available in digital format.  The publishers decide what formats they will publish their titles in. We currently have 197,649 eBooks available. 

Customer Service

‚ÄčNorridge Library has no overdue fines- that would be nice. Bring back food for fines.

Several libraries in our area are now fine-free. We have discussed this with the board of trustees and determined that we would not make a change at this time. We have no plans for reinstate Food for Fines.

Late fees are expensive.

Our late fees are similar to many libraries in our area. Late fees are controlled by the user. We offer email notifications that notify patrons two days before an item is due and send another email reminder on the day the item is due. As long as an item is returned in the outside drop before we open the next day, no fees are charged.

To spend a few minutes with a patron and or visitor, especially at the circulation department is twofold taking care of business and still being cordial and polite etc.

Circulation staff is encouraged to be friendly and chat during transactions as long as it does not delay helping the next person in line.

I have one problem. I can’t remember the names of the books I’ve already read and often find myself rereading.

Patrons can save their checkout history, please ask for assistance the next time you are in the library we will be happy to show you how to do this.

Emails regarding upcoming programs would be great!

Patrons can sign up for emails regarding upcoming programs! Emails highlighting programs are sent on a monthly basis.  Use our email sign up form on the website or ask staff for assistance.

Facility / Hours / Equipment

Any space for more small study/meeting rooms?

Our renovation plan includes two additional study rooms on the second floor.

Sometimes a little noisier than I would like in the Reference area.

We try to contain noises in this area but high ceilings, copiers, an open business use area, patrons visiting with other patrons, students studying in groups and patrons with cell phones all combine to make a truly quiet area a challenge. Planned improvements include a quiet room.

Children’s play area is “fair” relative to other libraries in the area.

While the open space is conducive to playing, there aren’t any nooks to foster reading.
The renovation plan includes comfortable seating outside of the play area, to offer inviting spaces where kids can read away from the busy play area. We are also planning on including comfortable seating and/or nook(s) for reading within the play area. Our library is quite a bit smaller than most of the other libraries in our area so we don't have room for a spacious play area.


There are limited programs for older children (my 6 year old would love to come, but there’s not much here for her.)

We try to balance our offerings for all ages. During the school year, we typically offer 5-6 programs per month for the K-3 age range. We also offer reading clubs year round for this age group.

Requests for more adult programs in general, and more on weekends.

We are adding a monthly Sunday program for adults starting in March and will consider offering more if it proves to be popular. 

Have a workshop to show patrons how to download eBooks, magazines. It is a clunky process.

Requests for classes on downloading eBooks.

One-on-One eBook Appointments.

We already do this.  However In order to clarify the focus of the class that is currently offered, the name was changed from “Intro to Library Apps and Downloadables” to the name: “Library Downloadables: eBooks, Movies, and More”.

On Mondays at 11:00 a.m., Thursdays at 7:00 p.m., and Fridays at 11:00 a.m. patrons can schedule to meet with a member of the Reader Services department for a 45-minute one-on-one session to learn how to use Overdrive, Axis 360, or Hoopla on their mobile device or eReader. We have always offered this one-on-one assistance however we will be promoting it even more.

We list these (and all of our) classes in our newsletter. In addition, there are now video tutorials on our website explaining these downloadables; the videos can be replayed as many times as needed to learn the process. Also good news: the companies do respond to our requests and make improvements which in turn make the resources easier for patrons to use.

Current programs are targeted to seniors, more programs are needed for young mid-30s.

I wish there were more contemporary adult programs.

We are adding SCORE counseling sessions and some small business workshops for entrepreneurs of any age and looking for ideas on programs that will appeal to adults of various ages.

I think adult programming has gone down. They should have a suggestion box on program suggestions and programs that have filled up extremely fast offered again the following year.

We have a suggestion box right in the lobby, please feel free to put you ideas for programs in the box. Also, the Library frequently offers popular programs again.

More computer classes for adults.

We offer a series of programs monthly, check the latest newsletter or the program calendar on our website for the complete schedule.  We also offer online training through Learning Express, and Park Ridge Library Academy.

I wish there were more programs for children on the weekends.

We currently offer on average one to two weekend children’s programs per month.

There are no story times or early afternoon activities for AM kindergarten kids ages 5 years old.

We currently do have an All Ages storytime held weekly on Monday afternoons at 1:30 during the school year.

In fall 2017, Children’s Services staff will pilot transitioning this storytime into something new. Currently under consideration: a replica of the 4s and 5s storytime that is held on Thursday morning (for those kids who can’t attend that program because they are in school), or an active storytime for ages 3 and up (e.g., meaning, including more instrument play, music and movement, parachute play, etc. than a more traditional storytime). 

When we have attended some (programs), like STEAM Friday mornings, it’s very cramped and crowded and chaotic. Perhaps it is moved to a different location, like the auditorium because it is a popular drop-in activity. I’d like to attend, but knowing two-four-year olds, the environmental conditions of cramped and crowded can lead to meltdowns and disengagement, when otherwise, they would engage actively.

This program has worked nicely in the department for the most part it is casual and patrons drop-in over the course of the hour, they can take a break to read a book and come back, etc. There have been a couple days where attendance has been very high, which can result in a crowded program, as this patron experienced. For the most part, attendance stays at a manageable and comfortable level. Children’s Services staff plan to try STEAM Starts in the 1st floor meeting room this summer as a pilot. We will reevaluate the best space for this program in fall 2017 after the remodeling of the Children’s Services area is complete.

The children’s area is so popular! The board books, puzzles, play area, and toys are great. A much larger area would be welcomed by all! The Monday program for toddlers is extremely well run. The popularity of the program warrants additional sessions, perhaps in the afternoon and/or more days.

We offer Teddy Bear Time for 12-24 months on Monday mornings at 9:30. We do have an additional session of Teddy Bear Time on Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. We also have Busy Bees Playgroup on Thursday mornings, which is open to kids 0-4. We wish we had more space too!  

I would love to have scheduled baby playtime. I really enjoy bringing my 11 month old son to the Library to play. He loves it! It would be great if we had scheduled times for play dates so we could meet other babies and moms in the neighborhood.

We do offer a baby storytime just for babies birth - 12 months! This storytime includes a short 15-20 minute storytime (includes songs, rhymes, stories, and bubbles!) and a 10-15 minute play time where babies can explore toys and parents can chat. Babies are also invited to attend Busy Bees Playgroup, which includes a mini storytime plus about 35 minutes of playtime. 

Love all the kid activities offered including the Halloween party, storytime. Would love even more kids things.

Would like more activities for small children love the ones you have.

Wish there more children’s programs they are always so great.

We are glad to hear that patrons want more of what we are offering! This year, we have worked hard to increase the amount of programs we offer by looking at ways we can work more efficiently in other areas so we can add more.


More options on iPads please

We recently replaced our four early literacy iPads and added some fun new apps! After the renovation, we plan to add more iPads, some for older kids in addition to more iPads for younger kids. 

Need more stations with computers.
In the Reference area we have 19 one-hour stations and two 15-minute stations. Occasionally they will all be in use but with the current time limits on usage, the wait is never long if a patron requests a station.

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