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The Park Ridge Public Library offers test proctoring for students of long-distance or online learning programs and for professionals taking licensing exams. We proctor written exams only. We do not proctor exams requiring a computer or other technology.

Click here to see the Test Proctoring policy 

What to expect:

The proctor will be the Library Staff on duty at the reference desk at the time of the exam, not necessarily the proctor coordinator. The Reference Librarian or Library Assistant III will attend to desk duties and other patrons while proctoring. They may need to leave the desk or the area briefly from time to time. Students will take written exams on one of the tables nearest the reference desk.  We cannot provide a quiet, private testing area.

Please contact us to make an appointment keeping in mind that the institute or agency sometimes sets a day, time, and/or expiration date for a test. Tests will be taken during the library’s open hours from Monday through Friday. Exams must be completed 60 minutes before the library closes.

The proctor will return the test by mail, fax, and/or e-mail as requested by the institute or agency. If the return is by U.S. mail then completed tests will be mailed by the next business day (Monday through Friday).

What the student or professional needs to do:

Obtain our agreement to proctor, including any signed forms, if required by their institution or agency.

On the test day:

  1. Present a valid picture ID
  2. Bring cash or a check for fees as listed in the above section
  3. Cell phones must be turned off or turned in to the proctor depending on the proctoring instructions.

Please do not bring laptops, backpacks, or calculators to the exam unless specifically permitted in the exam instructions. Books, folders, notebooks, study notes, and other materials must be turned over to the proctor before taking a test unless specifically permitted in the exam instructions. The library cannot take responsibility for any items belonging to the test-taker.
Fee – $35 per test


Reference Department
Phone: 847-720-3230
Fax: 847-825-0001

Contact their institution or agency to provide the exam materials
Contact the reference desk before arriving to take a test to be sure that the library has received the test. The reference desk phone number is: 847-720-3230

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