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Browse our booklists to find your next great book or series. Whether you are looking for fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, or more, you’re bound to find it here!

Booklists are organized by age, genre, content, or format. Click on a list to view books in that category. Click on a title in the list to check its availability in our catalog and to place a hold.

Unsure what books are included under a specific genre? Scroll down to read the genre definitions below.

Books available as an e-book or an e-audiobook through Boundless, Hoopla, or Libby are identified in the lists. For more information about our e-book services, please visit eBooks and Downloadables.

Picture Books

By Age

Please note that the links below will open PDF files of the booklists. Since these lists were formatted to be printed and folded for use in the library, the last page and the first page appear on page 1, and the inside pages are on page 2. Books are listed alphabetically by author’s last name.

Special Topics

  • New Baby – Picture books to help children adjust to a new baby sibling.
  • Helping Children Cope – Picture books to help children cope during difficult times. Includes guidebooks for parents.

Early Readers

These book recommendations are for beginning or younger readers, typically children in Kindergarten to 3rd grade. The reading level is provided for each book based on the library’s leveled reading classifications, from “A” for beginning readers to “E” for advanced readers.


Older Readers

These book recommendations are for older readers, typically in 3rd grade and up. Lexile reading levels are provided for each book if available.



Not sure what types of books are included under the different booklists? Here’s a brief definition of the various fiction genres.


These books feature animals adventuring on their own or people interacting with animals.


Adventure stories place characters in exciting situations, and they are fast-paced, full of action and plot-driven.


Spanning a variety of genres, these are must-read titles at least ten years old and books that stand the test of time.


Fantasy stories take place in a magical or enchanted world where things that seem impossible become possible, for example, animals talk, children have magic powers, dragons exist, or storybook characters come to life.

Historical Fiction

These novels are set in the past with a setting that is crucial to the plot. Readers will get a sense of what life was like for those living in the time and place described.


Humorous stories can cross many genres and take place in different settings, and in the end, the reader will be smiling or laughing.

Horror and Scary

These books for readers who want to feel scared, uneasy, or uncomfortable. A kid’s nightmares – monsters under the bed, things that go bump in the night, or the boogeyman – can become real.


Mysteries contain a puzzle or a whodunit to be solved, whether it’s figuring out who committed a crime or why and how something or someone became missing or stolen.

Read Around the World

These books are set in countries around the world or are told from the perspective of a character born in another country.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction have characters living relatable, recognizable lives and tackle important or sensitive situations and topics similar to those that kids are facing today.

Science Fiction

Science fiction explores the many ways how our world could look as impacted by scientific or technological innovation, posing the question “what if” and answers it by creating a possible reality.


Sports fiction features characters whose identifies are defined by their involvement with a sport. Themes typically relate to issues of winning, both in life and in competition.

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