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Submit a video review of a book, video game, TV show, movie, or music artist/album to our Teen Loft staff to post on our Library’s social media pages, and earn one service hour per review.

Information & Rules
  • To begin, fill out our submission form; we will then send a photo/video release and instructions for uploading the video.
  • Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to submit videos.
  • Limit two videos per month per teen.
  • Videos should be 1-3 minutes in length and should follow our script format.
  • Service hours will be awarded to videos that are accepted for posting and it is the submitter’s responsibility to provide a form to The Teen Loft staff.
  • All books owned by the Park Ridge Public Library are eligible for recommendation.
  • Review videos must be school-appropriate. Please do not use swear words, graphic language, or anything that could be considered inappropriate.
  • Be sure you do not contain any copyrighted material in your video (this includes but isn’t limited to music, images, clips, video, etc.). If you are not sure, contact Library staff for help.
  • These videos will be posted to our entire social media following, so consider what you’re sharing in the video. Do not film in a location where personal details are visible in the background (we recommend filming at the Library rather than in your bedroom, for example).
  • Videos will be evaluated for appropriateness and content before they are posted to the Library’s social media pages. Feedback will be provided if a video will not be shared.
  • Submissions on a book we’ve posted previously may be scheduled with a delay.
  • Please include subtitles if possible.
  • Scripting your video is not required, but highly recommended (at least your talking points).
  • Videos do not need to include your person; voiceovers are acceptable.
  • Spoilers are ok to share, just make sure you provide a spoiler warning beforehand!
  • If you need help creating your video or would like to do it in The Teen Loft or with library equipment, please contact The Teen Loft staff at

Need some ideas? Check out our page of suggestions & samples.

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