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Sweet Home Chicago

Sweet Home Chicago
Hunger and Thirst
by Daniela Kuper

Struggling to hold her Jewish family together in 1950s Chicago, young Joan Trout faces a difficult choice between her fears and the life she has known, while her parents fall under the temptations of the material world and alcohol.
Hairstyles of the Damned
by Joe Meno

Brian Oswald and his best friend, Gretchen, get involved in the punk scene on Chicago's south side, experimenting with drugs, drinking and relationships and aligning themselves with various outcast groups in order to fit in.
Deader By the Lake : A Reno McCarthy Thriller
by Doug M. Cummings

When a woman with explosive secrets is murdered, City Hall orders a cover up. But fired TV reporter Reno McCarthy has never been politically correct. Reno's out for justice and he won't back off-even if it means a showdown with a brutal manipulator intent on turning Chicago into a branch office of the Russian mob.

The White City
by Alec Michod

In 1893, as the glitter and glamour of the World's Fair commences in Chicago,"The White City" is terrorized by a gruesome killer dubbed The Husker, a fear that escalates when the son of prominent architect William Rockland is abducted and the search for the boy becomes a race against time to find the victim before he falls prey to the killer.
City Boy
by Jean Thompson

His idealistic, rose-hued perceptions about life and love shattered by an inconsiderate neighbor's perpetual partying, newlywed Jack struggles to tame out-of-control emotions and save his marriage over the course of an intensely hot, vice-compromised Chicago summer.
The Question of Bruno
by Aleksandar Hemon

Set in Chicago and Sarajevo, a series of interconnected short stories and a novella explores the trauma of war and reveals the struggle of an exile to build a new life in a new land, in a collection that includes "Blind Jozef Pronek and Dead Souls" and "The Sorge Spy Ring."
The Shining Girls
by Lauren Beukes

The sole survivor of a time-traveling serial killer who began his murder spree in Depression-era Chicago tries to hunt him down in 1989 along with help from an ex-homicide reporter in this new novel from the author of Moxyland.
Making Love to the Minor Poets of Chicago
by James Conrad

An artist, a botanist, and an architect are hired to create visual warnings for a proposed nuclear storage facility in Nevada, but the project becomes complicated when an influential poetry professor insists that the project must also include an epic poem, which ignites a backstabbing feud among a circle of minor Chicago poets.
The Love Song of A. Jerome Minkoff and Other Stories
by Joseph Epstein

A latest collection of short tales by the author of Fabulous Small Jews features everyday Jewish men in Chicago who confront life-defining moments during complex love affairs, unspoken rivalries and family triumphs.
Mean Town Blues
by Sam Reaves

Relocating to Chicago after suffering a war injury and becoming further victimized by his tragic family history, Iraq veteran Tommy McClain sets out to protect a beautiful woman from a threatening stalker and inadvertently triggers a gang uprising that puts him in a crossfire between two mafia bosses and the FBI.
Windy City : a Novel of Politics
by Scott Simon

A widower transplanted from India with two Americanized daughters, Sonny Roopini is an alderman in Chicago's rough-and-tumble city government, who finds himself thrust into the limelight thanks to the sudden death of the mayor, a glutton who apparently ate himself into a heart attack, but Sonny soon begins to believe that his death may have more malicious causes.
Then We Came to the End
by Joshua Ferris

The remaining employees at an office affected by a business downturn spend their time competing for the best office furniture left behind and enjoying secret romances, gossip, elaborate pranks, and frequent coffee breaks, while trying to make sense of their only remaining "work," a mysterious pro-bono ad campaign.