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Low Vision Websites

  • Health and wellness information for older adults from the National Institutes of Health.

  •​- Whether newly diagnosed or have had AMD for a long time, this site provides information, resources and the support you need.

  • The eyes of the magular degeneration community. An excellent resource for the latest news and research.

  • An extremely comprehensive and helpful website for those with macular degeneration, including videos and the latest scientific research and findings.

  • American Foundation for the Blind is especially geared toward senior adult low vision needs. This site allows easy access to every senior low vision concern.

  • -The website of Second Sense. Second Sense strives to promote a positive attitude about low vision and assistance in achieving and maintaining independence.

  • The National Eye Institute is the best source for the latest in-depth analysis of research, news and events.

  • The website of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. This organization is a major source of funding for vision loss research. The site includes calendars of local events and happenings in the Chicago area.

  • Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind provides information and services to the local low vision community, including a calendar of the latest Chicagoland events.

  • A very friendly user site for individuals and family affected by AMD.

  •​- The Illinois Eye Institute is one of the nation's leading clinics and resource centers focusing expressly on eye care.