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Teen Review Script Format

Script Format

  • Start by introducing yourself (first name only, please) and the topic of your video. This should take about 10-20 seconds. 
    • EXAMPLE 1: Hi, Park Ridge Library Community, it’s FIRST NAME here with a few recommendations from our high school new fiction shelves.
    • EXAMPLE 2: Hi, I’m FIRST NAME and I’m here to talk to you about a book I just finished reading and absolutely loved. It’s a graphic novel called TITLE. It’s written by AUTHOR, and illustrated by ILLUSTRATOR. You can find it in the high school graphic novel section at the Park Ridge Public Library.
  • Next, you’ll focus on the book(s) you’re featuring in your video. If you are sharing multiple titles, spend about 20-40 seconds summarizing & discussing each book. If you are sharing just one title, you’ll spend at least a minute to a minute and a half talking about it. 
    • EXAMPLE 1: Getting ready for spooky season? You’ll want to make sure to check out these 5 brand new books on the high school fiction shelves. TITLE by AUTHOR is 3-5 SENTENCE SUMMARY - you’ll like it if REASON. Next up is TITLE by AUTHOR, which is a GENRE about 1-2 SENTENCE DESCRIPTION OF CHARACTERS. Did you read TITLE by AUTHOR? The newest in that series is out, called TITLE - and you won’t want to miss it! Manga fans, there are a couple new series available - check out the first volume of SERIES NAME, a manga about 1-2 SENTENCE SUMMARY.
    • EXAMPLE 2: TITLE is 60-90 SECOND SUMMARY. I liked THING YOU LIKED and it reminded me of TITLE by AUTHOR. The book talks a lot about THEME and 1-2 SENTENCES ABOUT THEME. I definitely recommend it to TYPE OF READER.
  • Wrap up your video by inviting your viewers to visit the Library to check out the titles. You can also close by inviting them to stay tuned for more of your recommendations (if you plan on making more), or just say goodbye & thanks for watching! 


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