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If you Liked 'Big Little Lies'

The Abstinence Teacher
by Tom Perrotta

Teaching human sexuality from a perspective that information and pleasure are top priorities, divorced mom Ruth Ramsey butts heads with the local soccer coach, a divorced former addict who became an evangelical Christian after hitting rock bottom. By the author ofJoe College.
by Emily Gould

Dragged kicking and screaming into real adulthood, best friends Bev Tunney, who just found out she's pregnant, and Amy Schein, a spoiled East Coast princess, discover that growing up might mean growing apart as they try to help each other even though they can't help themselves.
Flying Shoes
by Lisa Howorth

A tale based on the unsolved murder of the author's young stepbrother finds a traumatized woman returning to the family home where her brother was killed by a suspect who eluded justice. A first novel by the award-winning cofounder of Oxford's Square Books.
The Silent Sister
by Diane Chamberlain

Settling her late father's affairs only to discover evidence that contradicts understandings about her sister's suicide 20 years earlier, Riley MacPherson learns that her sister is still alive and has been on the run from dangerous family secrets. By the best-selling author ofNecessary Lies.
Reconstructing Amelia
by Kimberly McCreight

When her high-achieving 15-year-old daughter Amelia supposedly commits suicide after she is caught cheating, litigation lawyer and single mother Kate Baron, leveled by grief, must reconstruct the pieces of Amelia's life to find the truth and vindicate the memory of the daughter whose life she could not save.
The Headmaster's Wife
by Thomas Christopher Greene

Found mentally altered in Central Park, the headmaster of an elite boarding school imparts a story that is shaped by complicated memories, the evolution of a loving relationship and a tragedy he cannot comprehend. By the award-winning author of Envious Moon.
The Last First Day
by Carrie Brown

Passionately devoted to the husband whose family took her in as an orphan in childhood, Ruth wonders about her choices and the life they will share when her husband retires as the legendary head of a private boys' school to which the couple has given everything they have. By the award-winning author of The Rope Walk.
The Fever
by Megan E. Abbott

A small town becomes unraveled after a young teen has a scary, unexplained seizure in her high school class and rumors of a hazardous illness quickly move through the school and the community, spreading hysteria and destroying friendships and families.