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If You Like... Diana Gabaldon
Susan Howatch
The Wonder Worker
by Susan Howatch

Nicholas Darrow, a clergyman who heads a ministry of healing in a small London church, finds his peaceful, sedate life turned upside down by a needy young woman who sets his equilibrium hurtling out of control.
The Heartbreaker
by Susan Howatch

On the verge of psychic and physical collapse, Gavin Blake, desperate to escape his world of prostitution, violence, and pornography, seeks refuge at St. Benet's, a local church in the financial heart of London, where he becomes involved with Carta Graham, a church fund-raiser still struggling with her own demons.
Karen Marie Moning
Beyond the Highland Mist
by Karen Marie Moning

Legendary warrior and lover Hawk meets his match when beautiful and headstrong Adrienne de Simone is whisked back in time by a vengeful fairy from modern-day Seattle into the arms of the arrogant sixteenth-century Scottish rogue.
by Karen Marie Moning

Mac is stunned to discover that her sister's murder had been far more than a random act of violence and resents the awakening of a mysterious ability to sense the Fae and their talismans, a talent that sends her on a quest to find the Sinsar Dubh, a mystical book of dark power, and to insure that it cannot fall into the wrong hands.
Phillipa Gregory
The White Princess
by Philippa Gregory

Passionately in love with Richard III in spite of her arranged marriage to pretender to the throne Henry Tudor, Princess Elizabeth of York is forced to marry the man who murdered her lover and create a royal family under the controlling gaze of his mother, Margaret Beaufort.
Fool's Gold
by Philippa Gregory

Luca and Isolde travel to Venice in 1454, where they meet an alchemist who plans to create the Philosopher's Stone, a mystical substance said to be capable of turning base metals into gold and producing the elixir of life
Anya Seton
by Anya Seton

Katherine is an epic novel of a love affair that changed history--that of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, the ancestors of most of the British royal family. Set in the vibrant fourteenth century of Chaucer and the Black Death, the story features knights fighting in battle, serfs struggling in poverty, and the magnificent Plantagenets--Edward III, the Black Prince, and Richard II--who rule despotically over a court rotten with intrigue. Within this era of danger and romance, John of Gaunt, the king's son, falls passionately in love with the already-married Katherine. Their affair persists through decades of war, adultery, murder, loneliness, and redemption.
by Anya Seton

Longing for an adventure away from her farm duties, eighteen-year-old Miranda Wells accepts her distant cousin's invitation to spend time with him at his gothic Hudson River estate in 1844