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Strategic Plan

Strategic Directions

The Library Board of Trustees established six strategic directions to guide the Library's planning and development for the next four years:

  • The Library works to provide a positive experience in every interaction with the community.

  • The Library strives to reach out to members of our community so that they are well informed of the wide variety of Library services, programs, and materials.  

  • As a vital community institution dedicated to being an active part of a vibrant community life, the Library seeks ways to partner with organizations and businesses that share that goal.

  • The Library continues to adopt technology that fits within the Library’s mission by anticipating trends and changes, providing ever evolving services and assisting community members in learning new technologies.

  • The Library shall effectively use the funds from the referendum to enhance Library resources, facility, and programs to increase relevancy and use of the Library.

  • The Library will secure its future by remaining relevant, ensuring adequate funding and enhancing public awareness.

Click below to read the entire PLAN  including the goals and objectives.

STRATEGIC PLAN 2015 - 2019  Revised 10-18-16