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Young Adult Non-Fiction
Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95
by Phillip M. Hoose

The Newbery Honor-and National Book Award-winning author documents the survival tale of an intrepid shorebird who has endured 9,000-mile annual migrations between Argentina and the Canadian Arctic throughout the course of a long lifetime while his species continues to decline.
The Port Chicago 50 : disaster, mutiny, and the fight for civil rights
by Steve Sheinkin

The Newbery Award-winning and National Book Award finalist author of Bomb presents an account of the 1944 civil rights protest involving hundreds of African-American Navy servicemen who were unjustly charged with mutiny for refusing to work in unsafe conditions after the deadly Port Chicago explosion.
Unbroken : an Olympian's journey from airman to castaway to captive
by Laura Hillenbrand

A captivating young adult edition of the award-winning #1 New York Times best-seller documents the inspirational true story of how Louis Zamperini, a juvenile delinquent-turned-Olympic athlete and World War II pilot, crashed into the ocean and survived for weeks on a life raft only to become a prisoner of war. Includes more than 100 photographs and an exclusive interview with Louis Zamperini. 
The Family Romanov : murder, rebellion & the fall of Imperial Russia
by Candace Fleming

The award-winning author of The Lincolns traces the story of the Russian Revolution, the lives of the Romanov family and the story of their tragic deaths, in an account that draws on primary source materials and includes period photography. 
We've Got a Job : The 1963 Birmingham Children's March
by Cynthia Levinson

We've Got a Job tells the little-known story of the 4,000 black elementary, middle and high school students who voluntarily went to jail in Birmingham, Alabama, in May 1963. Fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi's and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s precept to "fill the jails," the students succeeded in desegregating one of the most racially violent cities in America. The astonishing events surrounding the Children's March are retold here from the perspectives of four of the original participants.
The Giant and How He Humbugged America
by Jim Murphy

The Newbery Honor-winning author of The Great Fire presents an account of the famous 1869 Cardiff Giant hoax, describing the story that was spread about the discovery of a purported 10-foot-tall "petrified man," the crowds of thousands that viewed him and the heated debates by world-renowned scientists about his authenticity and origins.
Temple Grandin : How the Girl Who Loved Cows Embraced Autism and Changed the World
by Sy Montgomery

An authorized portrait about the co-author's life with autism and her groundbreaking work as a scientist and designer of cruelty-free livestock facilities includes photographs from Gradin's personal collection and describes how she overcame key disabilities through education and the support of her mother. 25,000 first printing.
The Mighty Mars Rovers
by Elizabeth Rusch

An edge-of-your-seat adventure story about the relentless team who gave us our first in-depth look at the Martian landscape is filled with awesome pictures from NASA and the author's personal collection.
Dear Bully : 70 Authors Tell Their Stories
by Megan Kelley Hall

A timely and moving collection of personal stories about bullying from authors as varied as Lauren Kate, Jon Scieszka, Alyson Nöel, Lauren Oliver, Mo Willems and many others.
Master of Deceit : J. Edgar Hoover and America in the Age of Lies
by Marc Aronson

An exploration of one of the most powerful Americans of the 20th century unmasks the man behind the FBI, his tangled family history and personal relationships; his own need for secrecy, deceit and control; and the broad trends in American society that shaped his world.
Can I See Your I.D.? : True Stories of False Identities
by Chris Barton

Looks at the lives of ten imposters, including Keron Thomas, Princess Caraboo, and Frank W. Abagnale, Jr., describing their motivations and exploits
Steve Jobs : The Man Who Thought Different
by Karen Blumenthal

Traces the inspiring life and career of the late founder of Apple, covering topics ranging from his struggles as an adopted child and a college dropout to his Buddhist faith and friendship with Steve Wozniack, in a portrait framed around his inspirational Stanford University commencement speech.
Bomb : The Race to Build--and Steal--the World's Most Dangerous Weapon
by Steve Sheinkin

A dramatic introduction to the international competition to create the first atomic bomb recounts the scientific discoveries that enabled atom splitting, the military intelligence operations that occurred in rival countries and the work of brilliant scientists hidden at Los Alamos.
The Bronte Sisters : The Brief Lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne
by Catherine Reef

A biography of the tragically short but utterly fascinating lives of the Bront sisters--Charlotte (author of Jane Eyre), Emily (Wuthering Heights) and Anne (Agnes Grey)--explores the turbulent lives of these literary siblings and the oppressive times in which they lived as well as offering insight into their classic 19th-century novels.
A Child Called "It" : One Child's Courage to Survive
by David J. Pelzer

Tells the story of a child's abuse at the hands of his alcoholic mother
Charles and Emma : The Darwins' Leap of Faith
by Deborah Heiligman

An engaging exploration of history, science, and religion provides a thought-provoking account of Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory, examining how his personal life affected his work and vice versa because of his wife's strong religious beliefs.
Hole in My Life
by Jack Gantos

The author relates how, as a young adult, he became a drug user and smuggler, was arrested, did time in prison, and eventually got out and went to college, all the while hoping to become a writer.
Hershey : Milton S. Hershey's Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams
by Michael D'Antonio

A scholarly analysis of the life and achievements of the head of the chocolate factory empire describes his fatherless upbringing by a strict Mennonite mother, his failures with two early candy companies, and his construction of the utopian Hershey village.
Harriet Tubman, Secret Agent
by Thomas B. Allen

Drawn from military and intelligence archives, diaries, and memoirs from ex-slaves, this gripping account, accompanied by woodcut illustrations, follows the true-life adventures of African-American spies, including Harriet Tubman, who risked everything in the name of freedom.
Steve & Me
by Terri Irwin

The widow of Australian naturalist Steve Irwin describes their marriage and the early adventures that were to become the popular Crocodile Hunter show, describing Irwin's devotion to both his family and the animals with which he worked before his fatal 2006 accident.
John Lennon : All I Want is the Truth
by Elizabeth Partridge

An award-winning biographer paints a vivid picture of John Lennon's life, from his tumultuous childhood in London to his rock-n-roll career writing, recording, and performing music with the Beatles, revealing how he struggled to come to terms with fame, marriage, and his artistic mind.
Anne Frank : The Biography
by Melissa Müller

With the benefit of exclusive interviews with Frank's surviving family and friends and previously unavailable correspondence and documents, the author casts new light on Frank's relationship with her mother and other issues.
The Seuss, The Whole Seuss, and Nothing but the Seuss
by Charles D. Cohen

Highlighting some of Dr. Seuss's lesser known works, the author offers valuable insights into the imaginative and creative processes of a very private man and one of the twentieth century's most original artists.
George Washington : An Illustrated Biography
by David A. Adler

From his childhood to his position as the first president of the United States, a comprehensive biography takes a look at the accomplishments of this American icon as a man, general, president, and founding father.