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Our Hometown


We are working to be the best public library we can be for our community. We have a plan for 2019 that we want to share with you, and we’ll need your help to make it work. 

We need the input of Park Ridge residents, not just library users, to ensure that our community’s goals are clearly defined and that our work has a clear target. We will be initiating conversations throughout Park Ridge with community leaders, key agencies and hopefully, each of you. 

At the Library, we gather and curate information and resources for our community to enrich their lives and also advance their goals. We will be able to use that understanding to better inform the services we offer, and we’ll make sure to share what we learn. 

We’re just getting started, but that’s the best time to get on board! 

If you'd like to invite our Library Director to speak with you at your community group meeting, please send us an email at