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Library Value Calculator Explanation

Explanation and Values for Library Use Value Calculator Illinois State Library


The chart below provides estimated or average costs for library resources and services. An average between hardcover and paperback prices for adult and children’s books from online retailers was used to arrive at average prices for those categories.

Library Materials & Services

Estimated Retail Value

Based On

Books Borrowed


Average cost of hardcover for adults

Paperback Books Borrowed

$ 7.00

Average cost of paperback for adults

Children's Books Borrowed


Average cost of hardcover for children

Manga Borrowed


Average cost of Manga

Anime Borrowed


Average cost of Anime

DVDs/Blu-rays Borrowed


Average cost of DVD/Blu-ray purchase

Music CDs Borrowed

$ 9.95

Average cost to purchase a CD

Music Download

$ 1.00

iTunes download song average

Audio Books Borrowed

$10.00 download average

eBooks/Audio Books Downloaded


Estimated B&N/Amazon average

Video Games Borrowed



Magazines Borrowed

$ 5.00

Average cost to purchase

Magazines/Newspaper Use in Library

$ 9.95

Average monthly subscription price of Chicago Tribune

Museum Passes



Interlibrary Loan Requests


Average national cost for loans

Adult Programs Attended



Children's Programs Attended

$ 6.00


Hours of Computer Use


Sample hourly rate at internet cafes for people using their computers, not their own laptops

Reference Questions Asked


Estimated cost per question