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A Good Time to Laugh!


This spring, the Park Ridge Public Library Classic Film Series concludes its “Legends of Laughter” trilogy with a look back at the great screwball comedies of the 1930s and early 1940s.

The screwball comedy was a more madcap version of the romantic comedy, often featuring strong heroines matching wits and verbally sparring with their male counterparts. These films typically revolved around a “battle of the sexes.” Their themes also highlighted class division in which a character from one social class enters another, usually as a poseur. There was always an emphasis on slapstick with plot lines more outlandish than your typical romance. In essence, the screwball genre turned traditional courtship on its head.

Join us Thursday nights this spring for a wild ride of misadventures featuring heiresses and fast-talking reporters!

2020 FILM LINE-UP: The Screwball Comedies  |  March 5 – May 28  |  7 PM

March 5: My Man Godfrey
(1936) 95 min.

March 12: Easy Living (1937)
(1937) 86 min.

March 19: The Awful Truth
(1937) 92 min.

March 26: Nothing Sacred
(1937) 75 min.

April 2: Bringing Up Baby
(1938) 102 min.

April 9: Midnight
(1939) 94 min.

April 16: His Girl Friday
(1940) 92 min.

April 23: My Favorite Wife
(1940) 88 min.

May 7: The Philadelphia Story
(1940) 112 min.

May 14: The Lady Eve
(1941) 94 min.

May 28: Palm Beach Story
(1942) 87 min.

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