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Young Adult War Books


Between Shades of Gray
by Ruta Sepetys

In 1941, fifteen-year-old Lina, her mother, and brother are pulled from their Lithuanian home by Soviet guards and sent to Siberia, where her father is sentenced to death in a prison camp while she fights for her life, vowing to honor her family and the thousands like hers by burying her story in a jar on Lithuanian soil.
Age 14
by Geert Spillebeen

Eager to escape his dull life in Ireland and have an adventure, 12-year-old Patrick devises a plan to use his older brother's identity to join the army; but when World War I breaks out, Patrick experiences much more than he ever expected and has to muster the courage of a man to do his duty and survive what lies ahead.
The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins
by Walter Dean Myers

A seventeen-year-old soldier from central Virginia records his experiences in a journal as his regiment takes part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy and subsequent battles to liberate France
Soldier's Heart
by Gary Paulsen

The critically acclaimed novelist adds to his Civil War novels, Nightjohn and Sarny--both classroom favorites--the story of Charley Goddard, a Minnesotan who enlists at age sixteen expecting adventure and returns with a soldier's heart.
Mr. Lincoln's High-Tech War: How the North Used the Telegraph, Railroads, Surveillance Balloons, Ironclads, High-Powered Weapons, and More to Win the Civil War
by Thomas B. Allen

An authoritative narrative reveals President Lincoln as the nation's first hands-on Commander-in-Chief, whose appreciation for the power of technology played a critical role in the North's Civil War victory over the less developed South.
Kaleidoscope Eyes
by Jennifer Bryant

In 1968, with the Vietnam War raging, thirteen-year-old Lyza inherits a project from her deceased grandfather, who had been using his knowledge of maps and the geography of Lyza's New Jersey hometown to locate the lost treasure of Captain Kidd.
by Sherri L. Smith

Dreaming of being a pilot her whole life, Ida Mae Jones sees her chance during World War II, but she cannot be accepted into the WASP because she is black, forcing Ida Mae to choose between her racial heritage and chasing her dream.
Code Name Verity
by Elizabeth Wein

In 1943, a British fighter plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France and the survivor tells a tale of friendship, war, espionage and great courage as she relates what she must do to survive while keeping secret all that she can.
War Is: Soldiers, Survivors, and Storytellers Talk about War
by Marc Aronson

Presents a provocative anthology of fiction, speeches, poems, and essays about the nature of war by such contributors as Rita Williams-Garcia, Mark Twain, Bob Dylan, Ernie Pyle, Helen Benedict, and others.
The Devil's Arithmetic
by Jane Yolen

Hannah resents the traditions of her Jewish heritage until time travel places her in the middle of a small Jewish village in Nazi-occupied Poland
Code Talker
by Joseph Bruchac

Using their native language, the Navajo Marines played an invaluable part in World War II as they sent messages, did maneuvers, and completed tasks with words that couldn't be deciphered by the enemy.
by Morris Gleitzman

After living in an Catholic orphanage for nearly four years, Felix, a naïve Jewish boy, runs away, and embarking on a journey across Nazi-occupied Poland to find his parents without any comprehension of the war raging around him.
The Book Thief
by Markus Zusak

Living with a foster family in Germany during World War II, a young girl struggles to survive her day-to-day trials through stealing anything she can get her hands on, but when she discovers the beauty of literature, she realizes that she has been blessed with a gift that must be shared with others, including the Jewish man hiding in the basement.
Soldier X
by Don L. Wulffson

In 1943, sixteen-year-old Erik Brandt experiences the horrors of war when he is drafted into the German army and sent to fight on the Russian front, but he must keep up his charade to survive when he puts on a dead man's uniform and poses as a wounded Russian.
Kipling's Choice
by Geert Spillebeen

In 1915, mortally wounded in Loos, France, eighteen-year-old John Kipling, son of writer Rudyard Kipling, remembers his boyhood and the events leading to what is to be his first and last World War I battle.
Master and Commander
by Patrick O'Brian

The first volume of the Aubrey/Maturin novels introduces Captain Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin, ship's surgeon and intelligence agent, in the age of the Napoleonic wars
Fallen Angels
by Walter Dean Myers

Seventeen-year-old Richie Perry, just out of his Harlem high school, enlists in the Army in the summer of 1967 and spends a devastating year on active duty in Vietnam.
B for Buster
by Iain Lawrence

Fleeing from his abusive parents during World War II, sixteen-year-old Kak enlists in the Canadian Air Force and is sent on a special mission aboard a plane called B for Buster, where he discovers the truth about war and forms an unlikely friendship.
by Joseph Heller

Presents the contemporary classic depicting the struggles of a United States airman attempting to survive the lunacy and depravity of a World War II airbase
Under a War-Torn Sky
by Laura Elliott

After his plane is shot down by Hitler's Luftwaffe, nineteen-year-old Henry Forester of Richmond, Virginia, strives to walk across occupied France, with the help of the French Resistance, in hopes of rejoining his unit.
The Red Badge of Courage
by Stephen Crane

The glory, pride, horror, and cowardice that are associated with war are depicted in a classic account of a young soldier's Civil War experiences.
by Robert Cormier

Coming home from World War II with a Silver Star for bravery but no face, Francis Joseph Cassavant is determined to find the man who ruined his life and get his just revenge.
Flags of Our Fathers: Heroes of Iwo Jima
by James Bradley

Chronicles one of the bloodiest battles of World War II, focusing on the men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima
Black Hawk Down
by Mark Bowden

A searing portrayal of modern warfare recounts a 1993 firefight in Mogadishu, Somalia, that resulted in the deaths of eighteen Americans and more than five hundred Somalis, examining the rationales behind the disastrous raid.