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Young Adult Horror Books
Something Wicked This Way Comes
by Ray Bradbury

A strange carnival brings terror to the population of a small midwestern town
by Thomas Richard Fahy

When she learns that her classmates are having horrible nightmares just like she and then discovers that they are committing murder in their sleep, Emma and her friends must find a way to stay awake in order to avoid the same fate and figure out why such horrific events are happening before it's too late.
Full Tilt
by Neal Shusterman

Blake, a responsible sixteen-year-old, and his reckless younger brother, Quinn, are plunged into a strange phantom carnival where, in exchange for their souls, Blake must survive seven different rides that embody his deepest fears and darkest secrets.
by Simon Holt

In the second installment to this fantasy series, Reggie's nightmares become reality when The Vours, demonic beings who inhabit human bodies on Winter Solstice, seek to do her harm upon the arrival of an unexpected visitor.
Thirteen Days to Midnight
by Patrick Carman

Rendered a reluctant super-hero when he survives a car crash that killed his foster father, Jacob and his friends begin testing his indestructibility by indulging in comic book-like fantasies and wondering how to use his powers to help others.
White Crow
by Marcus Sedgwick

Sixteen-year-old Rebecca moves with her father from London to a small, seaside village, where she befriends another motherless girl and they spend the summer together exploring the village's sinister history
Bad Taste in Boys
by Carrie Harris

Future physician Kate Grable is horrified when her high school's football coach gives team members steroids, but the drugs turn players into zombies and Kate must find an antidote before the flesh-eating monsters get to her or her friends
The Forest of Hands and Teeth
by Carrie Ryan

Through twists and turns of fate, orphaned Mary seeks knowledge of life, love, and what lies beyond her walled village and the surrounding forest, where dwell the Unconsecrated, aggressive flesh-eating people who were once dead
by Daniel Kraus

In the midst of a 1981 meteor shower in Iowa, a homicidal maniac escapes from prison and returns to his family farm where his 19-year-old son, Ry, must summon three childhood toys--Mr. Furrington, Jesus Christ and Scowler--to protect himself, his 11-year-old sister, Sarah, and their mother.
by Gretchen McNeil

An edge-of-your-seat thriller loosely inspired by Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None finds best friends Meg and Minnie planning what they believe will be a luxury weekend of bonding and pursuing a cute boy at a house party on exclusive Henry Island, but once there, the guests receive sinister messages before they are systematically murdered.
This Is Not a Test
by Courtney Summers

Trapped inside her high school during a zombie takeover, Sloane Price, who has given up on living and wonders if being a zombie might bring relief from her emotional pain, witnesses the impact of the apocalypse on five fellow survivors who desperately want to live.
by Sarah Rees Brennan

Loving a boy she has never met but with whom she has communicated telepathically all of her life, Kami Glass investigates screams heard in the nearby woods and sees lights in a long-empty manor house only to discover that her hometown has been hiding a murderer.
by Kate Brian

Forced to enter the witness protection program after escaping an attack by a serial killer, Rory starts over in a new town and clashes with the sister she has always adored before joining local activities that turn nightmarish when a new friend goes missing.
by Darren Shan

Forced to tolerate his abusive father's racist views and venting his own frustrations by clashing with the kids at school, B wonders about a zombie outbreak in Ireland and finds himself struggling for survival while forging precarious alliances in the serpentine corridors of his high school.
The Eternity Cure
by Julie Kagawa

Elevated to Queen of the Underworld after attaining immortality, Kate Winters resolves to win the love of Henry despite his increasing secretiveness, a situation that escalates when Henry is abducted by the King of the Titans, triggering a dangerous war and a pact with Henry's first wife, Persephone.
by Graham McNamee

Having heard the Native American legends about a monster that haunts the lake by Harvest Cove for thousands of years and takes kids in the middle of the night, Danny finds himself in the midst of the mysterious beast after he becomes the latest target.